Transformational Coaching

Make a lasting change fast to improve your well-being, relationships and results

90days weekly or bi-weekly transformational coaching intensive process to get your mojo back, level up and turn around your results and your career. The best time to go on this journey is during work or life transitions as this is when our unhelpful invisible subconscious tendencies get in our way.

This is for seasoned Leaders looking to adapt to these new times, New Managers, Revenue/Sales Leaders, Onboarding a new more senior role, Career Transitions and more.

If there are high stakes on the table or large gains to benefit from from making a change fast and levelling up: This is for you!

From Lauren:
Leadership is an extension of Self.
  • Improve your Well-Being
  • Change Yourself, Change Your Team
  • Change your Career
With the Process Communication Model® start your Self-Discovery journey to accelerate your transformation.
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Find Peace and Clarity to improve your well-being

When you better understand yourself, you can make better choices for yourself. We can find peace and success at the same time! Learn performance from a place of well-being to set the example for your team. People do what you do, not what you say! Changing our daily rituals is hard because our sub-conscious patterns will resit change. Discover your own unique formula to managing your energy and adapt lifestyle changes to show up as your best selves to thrive and inspire. 


Step into your Power to improve relationships

Build confidence in managing power politics and relationships. When we better understand ourselves, we can better relate, coach and adapt our communication to get the best from others. Having a safe place to get clarity on how to manage high stakes or difficult relationships when tensions starts to build before it gets too frustrating is key to be able to change the relationship and power dynamic to get the result we want. Develop adaptive and compassionate communication skills for more effective management. 


Align to your Purpose to increase your confidence

Inspiring ourselves and our teams in a hybrid or remote world can be hard. By finding more alignment with how our work aligns to our purpose, we can find more meaning in our work and show up from an authentic place to inspire others to follow us. Accessing our true confidence is key to strengthening our voice, professional brand and presentation skills for high impact and more influence to make a difference. 

By trusting and committing to this accelerated behavioural change process you will change your way of being and therefore your way of Leading to reach your goals faster.

Why does it matter?


95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are driven by our subconscious mind. 


Commit to discover the science of you, to get out of your own way and level up the way you show up for yourself and others to get the results you want from your team.
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Discover You

Unlock new self-awareness breakthroughs to identify your blind sport currently getting in the way of reaching your goals. 

Discover Your PCM Personality Profile with a 30 page report to identify your sub-conscious motivational drivers and predictable stress patterns to take control back of your thoughts, emotions and actions to improve the quality of your leadership, work and home life.  

One to One Coaching 

Receive 12 x 60mins coaching sessions weekly or bi-weekly depending on the timeframe of the behavioural change desired.

Set your measurable coaching goals and success indicators to assure a lasting shift in your way of being.

Online resources

Access to online resources to support your professional and personal development.

While this process will result in lasting change, you will have access to these resources to support a deeper application of new self-awareness and its application to how you experience the world. . 

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“I now understand my psychological needs, and what I need to re-energise based on my personality type. Thanks to my PCM profile, I can now recognise my predictable stress patterns, to better manage my stress and anxiety so they don’t  escalate.”

-Ben D, CEO 


"Discovering my PCM Profile was eye-opening and transformative in managing relationships, negotiations, and stress management.  I will never look back.”

-Karen M, Sales Leader 


Working with Lauren has been a total game-changer. She has unlocked a whole new way of approaching my day to day that enables me to land in the right mindset, no matter the situation. I have been able to reach a much higher level of clarity which results in much better business decisions. That said, Lauren has created the space for me do to a much better job of compartmentalising the day to day grind which allowed my operational self to perform at a higher level.

-Rob M, CRO 

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Don’t wait! Commit to improving the quality of your Leadership and your Life to deliver better results, faster. 


Get access to best in class leadership development resources and coaching with the Process Communication Model.


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