Lessons Learnt from my 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

changing work mindfulness stress management Feb 19, 2023

Last summer, I became a yoga teacher. Learning to access a state of calm is directly linked to the relationship we have with our body.

For example, I have been meditating regularly since Lockdown, and yet I still struggled to be comfortable in a seated position, despite practising yoga often. This was distracting me from staying in a peaceful state. I’d get there, and then after a while I’d feel tension in various places in my body and want to move. My physical body was distracting me from keeping my mind quiet. I had hit a limitation to mediate for longer periods of time. I needed a way to release a large amount of tension from my body for good. I have always found intensive immersive experiences more impactful for me.

So, in August 2022 I did my 200 hrs yoga teacher training over 4 weeks in Thailand.

I found out that the entire practice of yoga was originally designed to access a still mind. The tension we have in our body stops us from being able to meditate. The tension in our body stops us from keeping our mind quiet to access a state of calm.


Because emotions are energy in motion, and when they are not processed they get stuck in our body. This is why Asana poses were developed to help us to sit still for longer.

By holding Hatha poses for a long period of time you release tension, and with presence you can then find it easier to access a quiet mind for a brief moment. And then you build on that.

Savasana, the lying down at the end, effectively becomes the time where you can more easily access a meditative state after the asana poses.

I never knew the link between meditation and yoga, so thought I’d share.

Did you know this?

Do you practise yoga?

If so, what does it bring you?

Do you meditate?

If so what app do you use if any? I use Waking Up 

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