When you feel overwhelmed and you freeze in front of your to do list

anxiety stress management Feb 28, 2023

When you work from home, this is a silent killer for your morale, motivation and energy. Procrastination is a sign of anxiety. Most people don’t know this. I didn't. If you are worried about the implication of procrastination on your performance, this is what you can tactically do to help yourself out of it

Everyone will have different strategies, but here is what works for some of my clients:

1/ Log every time you freeze in front of your to-do list in a journal to see how many times a day it happens.

2/ Don’t judge yourself for it. You are simply creating self-awareness by logging how often it happens. Because we can't change what we cant’ see.

3/ Once you have written down the time and what you avoided doing, STOP and go do something else

Here’s an example:

• Go for a walk and listen to music which lifts your energy

• Make yourself a tea

• Try breathing exercises

• Meditate if you know how

• Ask a friend for a quick chat to see how they are doing

•Go to the gym. Exercise.

I know it sounds strange, but all you are doing here is breaking the mental loop which is getting you stuck, to get unstuck. You are shifting your emotional state.

Q. What do you use when you procrastinate?

Q. How do you get yourself out of it?

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