Transform with Group Coaching


Quiet Your Mind

In 90 mins

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Stress & Meditation Tools
  • Breakout Rooms 
  • Learn to be more relaxed 
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Speak Up

In 90 mins

Take your power back

  • Communication Tools 
  • Breakout Rooms 
  • Improve your relationships 
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Have more Influence 

In 90 mins

Build more confidence

  • Professional Branding & Presentation Tools 
  • Breakout Rooms 
  • Have more influence
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Reading books and listening to podcasts may open your mind to new ways of thinking about yourself, your relationships or your situations, however it wont result in lasting change for the things which you find more difficult.




95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are driven by our sub-conscious mind. 

Our resistance to change is high and it is sub-conscious.
So we need more than simply content to help us shift our way of thinking to re-wire unhelpful thoughts, emotions or behaviours.
I have created these 90mins high impact group coaching experiences to insure you notice how quickly you can change your emotional state all by yourself.
All I need from you is to pick a topic, save the time slot in your calendar and show up for yourself.
You are the most important person in your life. Invest in yourself. 
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How it works

This is a series of 90mins masterclasses building on each other every month so you can walk away with the new skills you choose to either find Peace, Power or Purpose.

You can also show up every week, or bi-weekly. They were designed for that for those who want to make a lasting change in their state of being and create new habits to transform their careers and their lives. 

Learn what to do and most importantly practice how to do it! Walk away with new tangible soft skills. No homework needed!

Pick how much time you want to invest in yourself and progress at your own rhythm. You are the expert of you.  

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Check out what participants said:


"I spend my days running a start up supporting others. This course gave me a place to prioritise my needs and refuel to be a better leader for my team."

- Sarah, Chief of Staff


"I recommend this course for those looking for fundamental soft skills to self-regulate your emotions and leadership. A must have for today and tomorrow's leaders."

- Mehdi , Business & Optimisation Manager 


“I was surprised to see how quickly we connected as a group sharing and resolving both personal and professional challenges.”

- Sally, Customer Success Manager

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