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The Success Paradox

At the age of 30, I was a high achiever in Tech Sales for 10 years in London. I had everything I wanted. I was healthy, financially secure, confident and in a loving marriage. Yet I wasn't happy.

I had been thriving at work from a place of autopilot, chronic stress, in survival mode, cut off from my emotions, not realising it at the time and thinking it was normal to have my mind racing all the time. I did not know any other way.

For me success work related, it was financial freedom. I was shocked to discover it wasn't enough to make me happy. At the time, the only thing I could think of being wrong was my relationship. Isn't it always easier to blame someone else?! 

After an amicable divorce, I was on the pursuit to happiness.

I was swept off my feet by a Parisian who was everything I thought I was missing in my life. I had moved to Paris, reconnecting with my French roots. However, during my coaching qualifications, I became aware that I was in fact in a toxic situation which was destroying my mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health. Being too nice, tolerating the intolerable and working too hard nearly killed me.

I gave all my power away without realising it to please others. I found myself weakened, trapped and a former shadow of myself. 

Following a 5 year recovery period focusing on healing my body, balancing my emotions and self-discovery to understand what I was responsible for to avoid repeating this, I discovered that:


95% of our thoughts, feelings and actions are subconscious


I was shocked to discover that  based on my subconscious inner wiring and life experience, this story was always going to play out with someone.

The self-awareness gained and inner work done means I am now free from not repeating this situation again because you can't ever undo awareness. You can't stop knowing what you know is not good for you.

When we become self-aware, life then becomes a series of conscious choices ...  instead of being controlled by our subconscious mind to lead a life we thing we "should' live, we create a live we "choose" to live!

Performance from a place of well-being

I had to go from feeling numb, being cut off from my emotions, being a machine but performing very well; to a burnout, trauma, feeling overwhelmed by emotions and a long recovery process to learn how to reconnect to my feelings, my body and my soul to manage my well-being and healthy relationships.

Today I know how to align by consciously accessing a state of calm when I need to. The feeling of being aligned while temporary, is magic. Everything feels lighter, things comes easy and flow. The reality is that the game of life makes us come in and out of this state and the journey is to learn to stay in it for longer!


The journey of learning to align with our true self is how we can truly perform from a place of well-being. 


Having made peace with my story, I am grateful that this experience has allowed me to find myself and wake up to the subconscious patterns and repetitions I was creating in my life which were not serving me. Today, I understand that I create my own reality, and happiness is my own responsibility. I am now on a quest to create it myself and share how with others.


Self-Knowledge is Self-Empowerement


The real gift of this story is that I can now be of service to others who wish to step into their power. I now own my story and have learnt the biggest lesson of my life:

Everything we seek in others is already within us. 

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Lauren Cartigny 

  • 13 years successful International Tech Sales
  • Ex LinkedIn, Ex Equinix, Ex Rackspace
  • International Coaching Federation ACC Certification 400hrs+
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Process Communication Model Trainer & Coach
  • Gestalt Psychology Trained
  • BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science from Loughborough University 
  • 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training – Breathwork & Meditation
  • Bi-Lingual in French and English
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