Corporate Training

Bridging the gap between performance and well-being with Adaptive Communication

A solution to remote working challenges

Adaptive communication to shift your Leadership style

The pandemic has amplified existing team dynamics which may not have been so visible before remote working. The good has become great, and the bad has become worse. It is a lot harder to motivate teams remotely and build relationships. 

With adaptive communication training you can make the implicit explicit to uncover the real problems which are worth solving. By adapting your communication and leadership style to individuals, you can coach to unlock the best in your team.

Corporate performance


Not delivering the results you want?
Witnessing inefficiencies in your team?
Feeling frustrated by a lack of control?

Corporate Wellness


Experiencing imposter syndrome?
Juggling work and home life?
Feeling constantly tired and overwhelmed?

The best leaders have developed strong interpersonal skills that enable them to adapt their communication & leadership style to what will be most effective in any given situation.

The PCM program is based on patterns of predictable human behavior which empower you to develop self-awareness.

Adaptive Communication

The Process Communication Model explains six dimensions of our personality structure which shape our behaviour and communication. You can adapt your communication to motivate and relieve stress in yourself and your team to reach an effective outcome.

The Process Communication Model is the methodology I use to coach and train leaders to adapt their leadership style and communication with a focus on making the link between performance and wellbeing.

PCM image 4
Process Communication Level 1
  • Better understand yourself & how you relate to others
  • Identify and anticipate your stress responses
  • Learn how to motivate yourself and others with adaptive communication
Process Communication Level 2
  • Develop new skills for constructive conflict resolution
  • Deepen your self-awareness to unlock the best in your team 
  • Adapt your leadership style to others’ personality structure
High Performing Teams
  • Create cohesion and engagement
  • Understand the six common issues
  • Learn to apply formulas to resolve these
PCM for Sales Teams
  • Apply PCM to facilitate communication internally & externally 
  • Adapt your sales cycles according to customers’ personalities
  • Build customer loyalty with deeper relationships

Success Stories

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