Leadership Coaching

Bring out the best in YOU, Bring out the best in your team

Leadership Coaching Services

I’II support you to raise your self-awareness to reach your goals faster, with a higher impact,  in a more peaceful way. Whether you are looking for change in yourself or your team, my approach to coaching is multi-dimensional, including behavioural, developmental and existential coaching.

  • Increase your self-awareness to define how radical wellbeing can increase your performance and shift your leadership style 
  • Expand your comfort zone with group experiences in a safe and non-judgemental environment
  • Leverage data to understand your personality structure
  • Accelerate and deepen your development with technology platforms 
I leverage NLP, Gestalt psychology and the Process Communication Model while respecting the International Coaching Federations’ 11 core coaching competencies and ethical guidelines.
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Transformational Coaching

I work with Leaders to create a safe and non- judgemental space to find power in their vulnerability. By developing or transforming your leadership style, you can have more impact in today’s new remote working environment which requires a deep and fast adaptation of your leadership style. This service is also used to create more harmony between your home and work lives to avoid burnout and nurture better relationships. Clients also use this service to explore new career paths and development. By sharing your challenges and goals, we work together to co-create a measurable plan to reach your desire.

Leadership Coaching


Compassion & Resilience 

Delegation & Time management

Career Development

Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching

Bespoke Virtual Workshops

This is a bespoke design process to unlock self-awareness in a group coaching workshop format with the aim of solving a specific group dynamic issue. By diagnosing the real issue behind the problem identified, I can have greater impact in driving behavioural or systemic change in your teams. By experiencing and trusting this process, teams can find more cohesion, clarify their strategy, process unspoken feelings which can get in the way of effective collaboration, resolve conflict and improve communication.

Team Coaching

Conflict resolution & Cohesion

Team building for remote working

Cross-Cultural collaboration


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