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During Lockdown I invited a group of Leaders to join a 90 days Adaptive Leadership Experience to support them individually and as a group to reduce the impact of lockdown and adapt their leadership style to come out winning. This is what they said:

Being coached by Lauren during lockdown supported me turning my anxiety and worry into a new found sense of calm, optimism and raw excitement about the future.

Ben Davies
Ben Davies

Senior Partner @ Erevena

Lauren gave me a safe space to feel comfortable opening up to unravel some of the blockages that were getting in the way.  It was eye-opening and transformative.  I will never look back.

Karen Muldoon

Sales Leader @ Zendesk

My PCM journey has literally changed the way I communicate in such a positive way. It is a beneficial learning experience for both my professional and personal life. My knowledge and awareness has grown massively and as a result so has my personal wellbeing.

Ken Norton

Sales Leader @ LandTech 

With Lauren’s guidance and support during lockdown, I better understand myself and have found motivation to aim higher. With PCM, I now know when I am bordering on negative behaviour and can adapt before I find myself in trouble.

Di Hall

Di Hall

Sales Account Executive @ Okta

Lauren helped me put in practice area of development which had impact and was noticed by my peers straight away. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone open to enhancing their professional and personal life.

David Kay

Financial Director @ Unmind

When I was stuck in a rut, provided me time and space to reflect on unproductive behaviour so I can now course correct. I feel more confident, clear headed and excited about the future despite the pandemic. Her knowledge and experience in the Tech & SaaS industry also brought me a lot of value.

Liz Meuse

Liz Meuse

Sales Development Manager @ Hootsuite

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