Transform to become your Next Best Self.

Humans don’t like change.
We are hardwired to resist change.
Yet, change is a constant reality. Now more than ever.
Look inside yourself to unlock your infinite potential.

Leadership Coaching: why now?

Today, the need to ADAPT has never been greater

Remote working has changed the way we live & work. What worked before, may no longer be working now. Leaders will be impacted differently with a need to adjust their leadership style and communication to build stronger relationships remotely to build successful teams.

To bring out the best in your team, bring out the best in YOU first.

Transformation starts with YOU

The best tool leaders have, is the investment they make in themselves.

Lauren Cartigny

Your Leadership Coach

Become comfortable with the uncomfortable

I create a safe space for leaders to step out of their comfort zone to become the next best version of themselves.

  • Think differently to make the impossible possible
  • Motivate your team remotely to be their best
  • Manage stress to get out of your own way
  • Find more meaning in your work

Certified Leadership Coach

  • NLP Practitioner
  • PCM Certified Trainer
  • Gestalt psychology based coach
  • Certified ICF Professional Coach
  • High impact Transformational Coaching
  • 13 years international Tech Sales Career

It is the combination of my professional experience, my own personal development, self-awareness and my wide range of coaching certifications which allow me to unlock the best in clients fast.

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Coaching and Training Services


My range of services support you to explore how you can develop radical wellbeing to increase your performance. By learning to manage your mind, your emotions, your body and energy, you can transform how you show up for yourself, and therefore how your team will show up for you.

Leadership Coaching
Corporate Training

Success Stories

Connect performance and wellbeing unlock your full potential


Do more with less
Master your time and delegation
Tap into your intuition for creativity
Build Stronger Relationships virtually


Reduce anxiety & stress
Have more energy
Increase your confidence

Develop more compassion & resilience