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At the height of a successful international career in Tech Sales, after closing a £10M contract, my life fell apart. 

After burnout, divorce and health scares, following years of ignoring chronic stress signs, I exhausted myself with trying to please everyone, living to my high expectations and trying to be perfect at work and at home. I forgot myself.

In truth, I never really knew myself. So I created situations which I thought I "should" want but which didn't make me happy because I had never been honest with what I really wanted for myself. This led a lot of resistance in body, my relationships and my life.

After hitting rock bottom, I committed to a process of recovery, went on a journey of self-discovery and learnt to reset new daily habits needed to create a life I actually want for myself. I built my confidence back and after years of healing, professional training and coaching certification, I now open the path for others to recover, rest and rise. 

Today, I support professionals to design the life they want for themselves at work and at home, through group coaching, a community membership and transformational programs.

My Story

The 4 Steps of Transformation 

Believe. Decide. Commit. Succeed.


While I support individuals with individual coaching, one on one coaching is expensive. I have made coaching more accessible in a group coaching format for people who are ready to help themselves and value the support of someone who walks the walk, and the support of others trying to do the same in a structure safe way.

Step 1

Believe Change is Possible

The biggest barrier to change is not believing we have the capability to change, or perceiving it as too difficult.

We are only limited by the way we perceive ourselves. We can change that with self-awareness.

Step 2

Decide to invest time in yourself  

We go to the gym to build muscle. We join group coaching to build self-awareness and practice new mindsets. 

Take small easy steps to start creating new habits. Join me weekly with group coaching by prioritising 90mins for your personal development. 

Step 3

Commit to an ongoing process

We need a new and safe environment to make it easier to access the new version of ourselves that we seek.

Changing alone is very hard because 95% of our behaviours are subconscious. Let me guide you through transformation.

Step 4

Succeed in making a lasting change

You will succeed in changing behaviour, developing soft skills by showing up for yourself weekly. Yes it is that simple.

Give yourself permission to dream bigger, decide on what you want to change, commit and trust our process. Grow with others and have fun!

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