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5 years ago, I was faced with an unexpected burnout, following a 13 years successful international corporate career in Sales for leading Tech firms. At the height of my career, after closing a £10M contract, my personal life started falling apart. I found myself physically and emotionally weakened, with severe weight loss, acne and digestive issues as a result of chronic stress.

We all have the power to consciously transform ourselves if we can learn to get out of our own way!

After a journey of self-discovery, healing my body, mindful living, rebuilding my confidence and my life as Conscious Leadership Coach and Trainer, I now support Professionals and Leaders to transform the way they feel, live and work to create sustainable results by learning to perform from a place fo well-being.

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"Conscious Leadership is an extension of your Self, where power is found in developing self-awareness to self-regulate emotions by accessing a state of Calm, Compassion and Confidence when needed the most to drive sustainable and meaningful results, by connecting to the best in everyone." Lauren Cartigny


Drive more well-being, connection and meaning to deliver results.

Leaders are having to manage more relational complexities which comes with virtual and hybrid working and distressed teams post crisis to deliver results. Mastering soft-skills is no longer a "nice to have" but a "must have' for the successful Leaders of the future who don't want to be left behind.

By developing self-knowledge to become more self-aware about your personality subconscious patterns, and by becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable vulnerable world of emotions, you empower yourself to attract, grow and retain top talent. 


Learn to access Calm, Compassion & Confidence when you need it the most.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Have more clarity in times of chaos by learning to access a state of calm when you need it the most.

Quiet Your Mind

Reduce Tension & Conflict

Develop your compassion towards yourself and others to build closer relationships. 

Manage Your Emotions

Make a Difference 

Grow in confidence to create from a place of alignment by learning to tap into your intuition.

Increase Your Influence


You choose the pace of your development based on the urgency of change needed.

Step 1
Join my free
Self-Discovery Masterclass


If you are curious about how personal development can enhance your professional career, this masterclass is designed to give you a high level understanding of the science behind self-transformation and behavioural change to help you decide where to focus your efforts to over come your challenges or level up. 

Experience group coaching in a safe space to discover the science of self-transformation

Weekly on a Tuesdays 12.00-13.00pm.

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Step 2
Take your
Self-Discovery DEEPDIVE


A 4 week course which runs every month to discover your PCM profile and apply its finding to the current challenge or goal which you want to address. PCM science will be applied to:

Increase your Well-Being 

Improve your Relationships

Build your Confidence  

Diagnose  the "real issue" behind the invisible dynamics holding you back. 

Monthly program of 4x 2hrs Tuesdays 4.00-6.00pm

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Step 3
Conscious Leadership Program


If you are a Leader who wants to get ahead, believes Leadership is an extension of Self, committed to developing your self-awareness, and want to become the change you want to see in your teams, then this is for you.

Energy & Stress Management 

Relationship Management 

Influence Building 

A comprehensive holistic human centred 6 months program to empower your Leaders with The Process Communication Model® (PCM) to better understand their personality type, manage stress, increase motivation, master soft skills, develop in compassion, read the unspoken, adapt communication to lead and coach more effectively.  

Next 6 months Cohort starts Jan 2022 

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