Coaching and Training Services

Invest in YOU, to level up in this new remote working reality

Transformational Learning

Are you looking to adapt your leadership style?

Definition of Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Leadership Coaching Services
For Individuals – Virtual Coaching by changing the way you show up for yourself, you can change the way you show up for your team to overcome challenges, reach your goals faster and level up to access your unknown potential.

For Teams – Bespoke Virtual Workshops
I blend training, coaching and technology to coach teams by designing custom thought provoking experiences to unlock self-awareness for deeper and long lasting behavioural change to diagnose and solve specific team dynamic problems.

Are you looking to develop your leadership, communication or sales skills?

Definition of Training

Training is a cognitive approach to learning to transfer knowledge with a specific learning objective to result in new skill acquisition or behavioural change.

Corporate Training Services

As a certified Process Communication Model Trainer, I deliver Adaptive Communication training. This scientific, award-winning clinical discovery, allows you to explore your own personal structure to better understand the human operating system for:

  • Motivation & Stress Management
  • Adaptive Communication for Leaders
  • Adaptive Communication for Sales 
  • High Performing Virtual Teams

Success Stories

All services are supported by Fuse’s modern Learning Platform that drives business performance through learner engagement.

My programs are devised to take advantage of the unique nature of the Fuse Learning Solutions Platform. It is shaping the future of digital learning by rethinking L&D.

Fuse is the first learning ecosystem built around practice, coaching, conversation, and reflection. They help companies put learning at the heart of their organisational growth through community learning.